Liver Biopsy

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Liver Biopsy

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Your liver is a vital organ that performs numerous essential functions. If you have a problem with your liver, you may need a liver biopsy to diagnose the condition. The experienced gastroenterology team at G.I. Medicine Associates, P.C. in St. Clair Shores and Macomb, Michigan, performs liver biopsies. To schedule a consultation with the gastroenterology experts, call the office closest to you.

Liver Biopsy Q&A

What is a liver biopsy?

A liver biopsy is a procedure that involves taking a sample of your liver and sending it out to a lab for evaluation. There are three types of liver biopsies:

Percutaneous liver biopsy

Most people who need a liver biopsy have a percutaneous liver biopsy. During this minimally invasive treatment, your provider uses a needle to take a sample of your liver. 

Laparoscopic liver biopsy

A laparoscopic liver biopsy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that uses a laparoscope — a thin tube with a light and camera — to see and get the liver tissue sample. 

For the procedure, your surgeon makes a small incision in your abdomen, inserts the laparoscope, and then inserts instruments through the laparoscope to take the tissue sample.

Transvenous liver biopsy

If you have fluid in your belly or blood clotting problems because of liver disease, the team at G.I. Medicine Associates, P.C., may recommend a transvenous liver biopsy.

For this biopsy, your surgeon inserts a catheter through a vein in your neck, guides it to your liver, and injects a special dye to improve visibility. Then, they insert a needle through the catheter to take the liver biopsy.

Why would I need a liver biopsy?

Your gastroenterologist at G.I. Medicine Associates, P.C. explains why you need a liver biopsy at your consultation. They may recommend the diagnostic test if they suspect you have a liver problem and can’t confirm a diagnosis based on lab or imaging tests.

A liver biopsy may help diagnose liver diseases such as:

  • Hepatitis
  • Fatty liver diseases
  • Cirrhosis
  • Liver cancer
  • Fibrosis of the liver

They may also perform a liver biopsy if they have a diagnosis and want to determine the severity of your liver damage or assess the effectiveness of your liver disease treatment plan. 

What do I need to do to prepare for a liver biopsy?

The G.I. Medicine Associates, P.C. team provides specific instructions on how you prepare for your liver biopsy at your consultation. Preparation may include blood work and imaging studies before the biopsy. You also need to stop eating and drinking for a set period of time before the test. 

What happens after a liver biopsy?

You may spend some time in the recovery room after your liver biopsy. You must arrange to have someone drive you home and plan to take it easy the rest of the day.

You may need to avoid strenuous physical activity for up to one week following your liver biopsy. The G.I. Medicine Associates, P.C. team schedules a follow-up appointment to discuss your biopsy results.

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